Old Tools

  There is something incredibly pleasing about rummaging through boxes at carboot sales in order to find aesthetically pleasing old tools for hand making modern sliding toys. All adds to the character of our boards I guess.

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Kids need helmets (free lids offer too)…

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OK, I get quite a few unsolicited press releases every week and most of them get binned, but occasionally one will come through that I think is worth a push and this initiative to get kids wearing helmets for snow sports is worth noting especially as UK based on-line retailer Snowcore are giving 100 free helmets away.

I am a passionate believer that kids and adults in any sport should wear helmets, I very likely would not be writing this blog today had it not been for a cycle helmet, so please if you have kids who take part in snow sports and do not wear lids check out this great offer from Snowcore via this link (btw, i’m not being paid for referrals and am getting absolutely nothing, not even a link back, for this)…


So why are Snowcore targetting kids? Well, according to their spokesperson is not so much about recognizing that kids are more vulnerable to snow sport injuries but more so because Snowcore believes that putting ‘lids on kids’ is the key to forming lifelong safety habits and if kids get used to wearing a helmet when they’re young this will automatically cement their status as an essential piece of equipment for their adult life.

And that my friends is a message I believe is worth sharing.

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The one that got away…

There’s a long thread on a surfboard collecting group i follow about the boards you wished you never sold, and just digging through some old files for a job we’ve been asked to look at I found this pic which reminded me of that very thing, the ones that got away.


We were asked to supply these boards for Rory McGrath’s TV show ‘Champions of the World’ a few years back, the producers had this loose idea of some sort of bathing suit for Will’s board and for Rory’s they gave us an open brief, pretty much just ‘Rory is a Cornish boy.’

So after a think we came up with a concept for both and went to see our friend and fellow bellyboard enthusiast Sue Woolatt who’s hand painted seaside postcard reminiscent style is perfect for this kind of work.

After filming we donated both boards to the National Trust and sadly I don’t know what became of them, I’ve never seen either again, but the Best of Cornwall one especially I hugely regret passing on. I’d love to get it back.

P.S. Not sure who took the pic but its from the Telegraph’s website.

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Happy Customer…

Even as I enter my 5th year of board making, and goodness knows how many boards I have made and sold, I still am still utterly delighted when an email comes in from a customer telling me how much they are enjoying their board.

Roger contacted us a couple of weeks back, he was after a board in a hurry for a holiday on the West coast of Eire and ‘could we do a special graphic too please’… yep, no probs!

So here’s Roger with his board, I love his wet suit, and as he said in his email you can get an idea of how windy it is by the angle of his beard. Classic!


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Creative Promise via Huck Magazine’s New Book

I’m quite looking forward to buying Paddle Against the Flow, the first book published by Huck Magazine.

The blurb promises ‘a 152-page hardcover packed with insightful and inspirational creative acumen from some of indie culture’s most influential figures’, either way i think i’ve neglected the playing side of my work for too long and its time to re-find some focus and inspiration.


looks like this, a favorite seat by the fire and a flask of strong coffee is a good first step.

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Primitive on the face, but…

I love photos like this one in the latest The Surfers Journal, always a quality reminder that we shouldn’t think too hard about surfing nor get too serious. At its heart, it’s just about the slide.

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What is ‘Best’?

I’ve just been filling out a blog form on the Virgin London Marathon site and a question asked was ‘describe your best run?’. But here’s the thing, I don’t believe in best anything because if you have a ‘best’ then by default it means that others are not. And when you think about it, just the sheer fact that you can get yourself up off the sofa at any time and go run, any distance, in any weather, on any terrain, is a truly wonderful thing and something you should be truly thankful for.

So next time you run, surf, skate, bike or do whatever you do for kicks, maybe think less about ‘how’ you do and more about ‘that’ you can do it.

So endeth the sermon.

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Some wood.

We make solid wood boards, so why not slippey slidey solid wood skates too?

A plank of pure experimental fun fun fun for our ‘play time’ do with it what we will brand ROCKER SKATES.

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Some Mornings

No matter how long you look, or how much you will it, the swell will just not play.

Steely grey September South Coast morning, teasingly very almost loggable, but not quite.

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Take 3m08s out of your day…

Alex Knost, surely one of the most stylish and downright allround entertaining surfers you can hope to watch.

And if you don’t believe me pause and admire the frame at 41secs…


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