Custom Graphic Bellyboards for Weddings

Judging from the amount of emails i’m starting to get inquiring about custom graphics its fair to say that wedding season is on the way.

In answering one just now I sent a link to a wedding we supplied boards and goodies for a few years back, and thought i’d share it.



Although with our custom graphics we can do most anything weddings seem to work really well with adaptations of our old school classic logo. This gives good space to get in the couples name, wedding venue, dates etc and the graphic itself has a lovely early 1900s classic feel.

For Will and Clare’s wedding, as well as two boards, we supplied mugs for all the guests, handprinted T-towels, posters and tote bags. The logo was also used on the menus to really tie it all together.

The cost for a custom graphic is just £25 on top of the board price. This covers art preparation, making the screen and the hand printing. The screen is a one off price and so subsequent boards are at the normal price (though we do discount on two or more boards). The screen can also be used for bags, t-towels etc.

To see Will and Clare’s wedding feature the link is

If anyone would like more info on custom graphics or wedding orders please either message me or email:

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The Perranporth Coffin Lid Surfers

I had a fascinating chat with the late John Heath, the chap who for many years owned Piran Surf Shop in Perranporth, about the coffin lid bellyboarders of Perranporth who arguably were the first regular surfers, or group of surfers in the UK.

So for those who find such things interesting too here is a great piece on this pivotal piece of UK surf history that local surf writer Sam Bleakly posted on Facebook earlier today…

Bellyboarding in Perranporth

Milestones in Surf History #35

1919 Tom Tremewan Pioneers Bellyboard ‘Coffin Lid’ Production in Perranporth.

In the early 1900s, beachside recreation soared in popularity in Britain, and by the 1920s bellyboard surfing was common practice. One of the first people to make bellyboards on a commercial scale was Perranporth (on the north coast of Cornwall) undertaker Tom Tremewan. Jenny Rilstone, a life-long resident of Perranporth, recalls that bellyboarding emerged immediately after WWI, in 1918, when young men had returned home from trench warfare on the Western Front.

Pioneering Perranporth watermen George Tamlyn and William Saunders were amongst the first in Cornwall to ride the broken whitewater waves lying on wooden boards. Their inspiration had come from contact with South African soldiers. Stories of life back home swapped in spaces between combat had enabled them to discover that they shared surf-pounded beaches. The difference was that the South Africans, from Durban and Cape Town, talked of their own surf-riding antics on flat boards.

Jenny began bellyboarding in 1921, “as soon as I had two bob for a board,” when she was just seven years old. Jenny’s timber ‘Coffin Lid’ was totally flat and created from tongue-and-groove screwed to three wooden cross cleats by the local undertaker, TB Tremewan. It was an activity she was to pursue until she was 82 years old.

Jenny explained that by the 1930s “many Perranporth beach people were going surf-riding. It wasn’t just young men, but women, local families and an increasing number of weekend visitors.” Importantly, the railway network allowed many British families to holiday. In the seaside tourist boom of the 1920s the Great Western Railway gained fame as the ‘Holiday Railway’, able to transport huge numbers of people for a cheap cost to the coast.

After tourism hit another boom following WWII, it was common in Britain for whole families, sometimes three generations, to visit the coast for the day and prone ride together. There could be hundreds of people bellyboarding a single Cornish beach on a hot summer’s day when there was a clean swell running.

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Where Would You Surf if You Won the PowerBall Jackpot?

Where Would You Surf if You Won the PowerBall Jackpot?

We all read the stories about the PowerBall Lottery Jackpot in the United States that reached $1.5 billion. It was an unsightly amount of money that most of us can only dream of winning someday.

CNN reported that there were three winners who shared the biggest ever global lottery jackpot. However, it wasn’t just citizens of the United States who were eligible to take home the jackpot. LottoLand is a new website that allows users to play the PowerBall in the United States along with other regional based lotteries from around the world. Thus, it could’ve quite possibly been a winner from outside the country taking home the $1.5 billion jackpot. Imagine that?

So for a second, imagine if you’d have won the jackpot. Where would you head off to surf? Here are three spots around the world to consider if you come across an unbelievable amount of money anytime soon. Or if you want to raid that piggy bank and set off on a journey to remember.

Rincon, Puerto Rico


If you fly to San Juan it will take you a 10-minute cross-country walk to get to Rincon – it’s that close to the airport. A wonderful spot to surf, the region is a very quiet Puerto Rican town that has built a name for itself off the back of its famous surfing spot. As List 25 suggest, “there’s a opportunity to get barreled with the locals,” here so don’t miss out if you get the chance to travel to Rincon.

White Beach, Okinawa, Japan


White Beach has wonderful sandbars and are the perfect spot for people to train and practice their surfing techniques. A hotspot for local surfers and tourists the region becomes extremely busy over the weekends. For advanced surfers, they are encouraged to sample the “nearby break reefs such as Aha-Yoko or Suicide Cliffs” for maximum thrills.

Cloudbreak, Tavarua Island, Fiji


Just off Fiji, Tavarua Island is one of life’s wonders. A beautiful heart-shaped island attracts a myriad of people from different walks of life. One of which, is the avid surfer. However, part of the island entitled Cloudbreak is exclusive to surfers and for good reason. Waves in this part can reach 10 metres in size and begin to form 1,600 metres off the coast.

For further reading, check out List 25‘s extensive list of the best surfing spots in the entire world.

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Custom graphic bellyboards for Xmas

Ordering custom graphics for Christmas
…Just a heads up that if anyone is thinking about a hand silk screen printed custom graphic board from us for Xmas please don’t leave it until the last minute as the new finish we use takes days longer to apply, you need to allow 2 weeks from artwork sign off. 
Of course if you do need one quick we can still do a natural oil finish, or at a push just a name in vinyl.

Custom graphics are just £25, and at this time on classic surfers and rockets only.


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Blank canvas

I love it when people take my boards and use them as a canvas for their art, but of all I’ve seen I really do think this utter gem on one of my Mini Rocker skate decks that was painted by a young local kid stoked with his first skateboard is definitely the very best.

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Not flat. 

Why the hell not… Halfway through a solidwood and I’m thinking, what if I? So I ripped the blank back to planks and ordered up a fresh bandsaw blade. Flat boards are boring, time to play.  

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Last batch of 4′ x 16″ bodyboards going through the workshop, after these no more until the Spring so if you want one for Xmas get your orders in. 

These are made with a new revised concave, a lot more flowing through the hull with a consistent curve and a good 1″ deep at the tail. 
£85 buys you handmade wooden bodyboard perfection, and although there is no custom graphic option ask me nicely and I’ll put your name on for free (Nov orders only). 

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Freshly top-coated slick n’ shiney boards on the drying rack. #bellyboard #bellyboarding #woodensurfboard  

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More bang for your buck. 

Bucking the capitalistic greed mantra of ever screwing more profit from the consumer by offering less, we are giving more we now use a custom blend, loads more expensive waterproof satin feel finish that also takes way more time to apply and we fo it at no extra cost. Why? Because it makes a better board and that’s all we care about.   

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The road trip box

  The road trip box… I’ve got to do some road miles the next few days, got a lathe to collect, a vintage surfboard, wood supplies and some photo processing kit, and a problem I always have in my T5 is how to stow all my hot brew and snack kit up front in order to drink decent coffee as I drive, 

So I’m stoked with this unplanned use I’ve just found for the new recycled wood beach boxes I’m playing with, pretty much job done for the camper to stop the bits rolling around the foot tray (again).

And if anyone wants the ultimate VW camper accessory, we can do you a set with your own bus logo screenprinted on. 

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